Township Roots Impact


Township roots impact

Over the years, Township Roots became a catalyst for positive change in Nyanga. Their initiatives inspired other NGOs and individuals to join the cause, expanding the reach and impact of their work. The organization organized community events, cultural festivals, and sports tournaments, fostering unity and a sense of pride among residents.


The success stories of Township Roots began to emerge. Graduates from their educational programs secured scholarships to pursue higher education, while others found employment or started their own businesses, breaking the cycle of poverty. The once-neglected townships of Nyanga is slowly transformed into vibrant, thriving communities where hope and opportunity flourished.


Township Roots' journey is not without its challenges. They continue to face limited resources, bureaucratic hurdles, and the ever-present specter of inequality. However, their unwavering dedication, resilience, and community support propelled them forward, 10 years later.


Today, Township Roots continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of Nyanga's townships. They remain committed to their vision of a prosperous, equitable society. Their story serves as an inspiration for other communities facing similar struggles, showing that with determination, collaboration, and a deep-rooted belief in the potential of every individual, transformative change is possible.

Partners & Funders

We are grateful for the support of our Funders and Partners!

Individual Donors:

Luke and Melanie Jones (USA)

Karin Henseler (Switzerland) 

Michael Bruhlmeier (Switzerland)

Diet Grosheide (Netherlands)

Aino Nordenstrom (Austria)

Jan Nytomt (Sweden)

Jared Licina (RSA)

Davide Fini (RSA) 

Ananda Richards (RSA)

dr. gcina mhlophe

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