Partnership with UCT GSB: Solutions Space 


Township Roots' Empowering Partnership with UCT GSB Solution Space 

In the heart of Cape Town, a groundbreaking partnership has emerged, illuminating the potential for impactful change in underserved communities. Township Roots, an organization dedicated to uplifting townships in South Africa, has joined hands with the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business Solution Space (UCT GSB Solution Space) to create a dynamic platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration. This alliance between a grassroots movement and an esteemed educational institution is set to become a beacon of hope for township development and the eradication of poverty.

A Platform for International Expertise

The University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business Solution Space, often referred to simply as the "Solution Space," is renowned for its commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial talent, innovation, and economic growth in South Africa. The Solution Space is an ecosystem that fosters innovation, provides mentorship, and supports early-stage startups. The partnership between Township Roots and the Solution Space marks a significant step towards harnessing these resources to drive positive change in townships.

One of the key elements of this partnership involves the Solution Space's invitation to various international universities visiting Cape Town. These invitations provide a unique opportunity for Township Roots to engage with experts in fields such as business development, social entrepreneurship, and urban planning. These experts offer insights, share their experiences, and provide invaluable guidance on strategies to uplift townships and improve living conditions for those trapped in poverty.