Township Roots Story....

Once upon a time in the townships of Nyanga, Cape Town, there existed a community struggling with poverty, limited resources, and a lack of opportunities. Amidst the challenges, a group of compassionate individuals came together with a shared vision to uplift their community and create a brighter future for its residents. This marked the humble beginnings of an NGO called "Township Roots."


Township Roots was founded by a dynamic team of local activists, social workers, and entrepreneurs who were born and raised in Nyanga and surrounding townships. They understood the struggles and dreams of their community members intimately and were determined to make a difference. The organization aimed to address the systemic issues plaguing the townships, including education gaps, unemployment, healthcare disparities, and inadequate infrastructure.


Their first step was to establish Centres of Excellence within the townships where township children are given an opportunity to develop literacy, performing arts and interpersonal skills. With limited funds, they rallied support from local businesses, government grants, and individual donations. The Centres of Excellence became a hub of hope, offering a range of programs and services to empower residents and foster personal growth.



south African Schools Academic Performance Award